Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

A Conversation on Writing with Amy Hempel (2012)

Amy Hempel reads her story “San Francisco” and talks about her attraction to the short story and her craft.

William Faulkner at the University of Virginia (2008)

UVA alumnus Gerry Cooper discusses what it was like during Faulkner’s residency at the University.  A short retrospective from The University of Virginia Magazine to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Faulkner residency can be found here.

Interview with Ray Bradbury, “Story of a Writer” (1963)

The iconic author talks advice and inspiration in a 25-minute documentary interview about his life and the creative process.

Donald Barthelme in The Paris Review (1981)


J.D. O’Hara’s 1981 interview with Barthelme.

Ray Carver in The Paris Review (1983)







Mona Simpson and Lewis Buzbee’s 1983 interview with Ray Carver.

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